The Institute is a foundation established on September 1,1982, as a non-profit independent research institute under the authorization of the Construction Minister.
Three construction surety companies(East Japan Construction Surety Co.,Ltd.,West Japan Construction Surety Co.,Ltd., Hokkaido Construction Surety Co.,Ltd.,)have funded the establishment of the Institute as a part of activities commemorating their 30th anniversary.
Underlying its establishment was a demand from society for a study addressing changes in circumstances surrounding the construction industry, as well as a demand for devising effective measures to recover from them. These changes occurred as a result of social and economic changes, such as the shift from high economic growth to stable growth, from a large-scale movement of population to stabilized habitation.
The Institute started as a research organization that aimed at promoting theoretical as well as positive study concerning ideal public investment and construction industry. Through our research, we intend to contribute to the establishment of desirable land use and the development of the construction industry.
We owe our activities to the cooperation of experts in economics, engineering, law, and other various fields, and support from the Ministry of Construction and the three surety companies.


We conduct research and study, either independently or on commission, on the following subjects.

1. Research and Study of Public Investment

(1) Long-term policy of public investment:
To study desirable ways of making public investment that correspond to each developmental stage of the economy.
(2) Flow and stock effects of public investment:
To measure and analyze the flow effects (ex. multiplier effect, production inducing effect), and stock effects (ex. productivity effect, QOL improving effect) of public investment.
(3) Effects of public investment on local economy:
To measure and analyze various effects of public investment on local development, taking local features into consideration.
(4) Analysis on housing and land issues

2.Research and Study of the Construction Industry

(1) Outlook of the construction industry:
To study challenges and future strategy of the construction industry, dealing with social and economic trends.This includes possible construction activities overseas and ways a contractor can develop into an engineering constructor.
(2) Economic analysis of construction markets and industry organizations:
To analyze the structure of construction markets, and the actual state of competition, in order to contribute to the development of construction policy.
(3) Institutional problems concerning the construction industry:
To study institutional aspects of the construction industry, including bidding,contracting, surety, and dispute resolving systems, in order to contribute to the expansion of these aspects.
(4) Functions and roles of the construction industry in economy and society:
To analyze the actual states of construction industries and market trends of foreign countries, and to study the functions and roles which the construction industry performs or is expected to perform for the economy and society.


Research Institute of Construction and Economy has 14 directors, including the chairman, chief executive director,executive directors as officers of the Institute, and several part-time directors. In addition, we have 2 auditors and advisers. Research and study are conducted by full-time officers, an executive fellow and researchers.  The secretariat is managed by the manager and administration staff.

HEAD OFFICE (address)

FRONTIER ONARIMON Building, 25-33, Nishishinbashi 3-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003, Japan
Telephone: 81-3-3433-5011
Facsimile: 81-3-3433-5239
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